The Canadian Jewellers Association (CJA) is proud to offer you the JETS (JEWELLERY EDUCATION TRAINING SYSTEM) program specifically designed for the jewellery industry.

JETS is an intensive program presented in 17 modules and developed by industry specialists. It allows the student to acquire the basic knowledge required to succeed in today’s retail jewellery industry. The opportunity to take this course by correspondence allows you to proceed at your own pace.

You have 12 months to complete the course and schedule the final exam. Under special circumstances, the CJA can grant a 6-month extension for a $75 fee.

Completion of this comprehensive course of study covering the full range of jewellery products, industry issues and sales techniques will award the participant with their Graduate Jeweller CJAGJ® designation, the primary step in a jewellery career. This course produces knowledgeable, trained employees who will generate increased sales in any retail jewellery environment. Course discounts are available to CJA members.

The program includes the following modules:

Module 1 - Introduction to the Jewellery Business

Module 2 - Diamond - Basics

Module 3 - Diamond - The Canadian Industry

Module 4 - Diamond - Diamond Grading

Module 5 - Rubies and Sapphires

Module 6 - Emeralds and Other Beryls

Module 7 - Pearls

Module 8 - Coloured Gemstones

Module 9 - Ornamental Gemstones

Module 10 - Precious Metals

Module 11 - Jewellery

Module 12 - History of Jewellery

Module 13 - Watches

Module 14 - Appraisal

Module 15 - Sales Techniques

Module 16 - Safety and Security

Module 17 - Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing for Dealers of Precious Metals and Stones.

September 2020

"It is Barry Schaffner the guy who completed the JETS program. I retired in my mid fifties but I find myself employed with Charm Diamond Center in New Minas NS. Its great because I get the much needed hands on experience in the store with the possibility of some Head Office experience in the future. 

With Fall fast approaching it is time for me to look at future studies, I'm thinking CJRP. I will in the near future submit the fee for the above course, just a quick update on what education can bring."

(Barry, NS)


CJA Member (Course + Exam)  $399 + TAX

CJG, AJA, CBQ, CGA members (Course + Exam)  $450 + TAX

Non Member (Course + Exam)  $500 + TAX




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