About Us

The CJA is the national trade association for the Canadian jewellery industry, comprised  of retailers, suppliers, and providers of goods and services.

Since 1918, we have provided a single source for information on this vibrant and diverse industry to consumers, government, media and businesses.

For our members, we supply cost-effective access to education, services and technology solutions to assist in promoting best business practices and profitable operations. Our member benefits are uniquely tailored to the jewellery community and its needs, addressing the specific requirements of transport, security, credit, marketing, education, certifications and other critical business areas.

For consumers, we supply information to enhance the jewellery shopping and purchasing experience. Our goal is for you to ultimately buy with confidence and celebrate your new piece for years to come.

Our online education can assist you in preparing for your important occasion and subsequent purchase. This first step will help you start the journey toward selecting the perfect piece of jewellery. Consult our online list of CJA members to find a local jeweller who offers professional, knowledgeable and friendly sales or appraisals.