Inaugural JVC Security Summit

Join our security experts for a virtual expose of recent crime trends, crime risk management, and health and safety considerations for jewellers that go beyond the four corners of the store.

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Session 1:

Crime Update: Security Overview for The Year to Date

Hosted and Delivered By:
Kelly Ross, JVC

Do you know what types of crime are most prevalent today?

Join JVC’s Kelly Ross as he provides a Crime Update highlighting the key types of crime including Robbery, Break and Enter, Theft, and Fraud. Using statistics and comparative analysis to previous years, Kelly will help you understand what crimes are happening and most importantly, what strategies to implement to help mitigate these crimes.

Session 2:

Security Best Practices Robbery and Other Crimes

Cst. Erin Sahl, RCMP GIS unit

Are you operating in the retail jewellery industry?

Join JVC’s Kelly Ross and special guest Cst. Erin Sahl of the RCMP GIS Unit for an open discussion about security events impacting the retail side of the industry. From best practices that can be employed today to what emerging threats could be on the horizon tomorrow, all your retail security questions will be answered.

Session 3:

Security Resources for New Threats

Colin MacSween,
3SI Security

Simon Thomas,
CJB Insurance

Catherine Alexander,
The Watch Register

Is your business equipped with the latest crime prevention tools?

Join our panel of experts Colin McSweeney of 3SI Security, Simon Thomas of CJB Insurance, and Catherine Alexander of The Watch Register to learn about the latest resources. The industry is changing and so should your security strategies to help contend with these new threats.

Session 4:

Health and Safety: The Impact of Crime on Your Health

Carleen Ross,
Post Traumatic Growth Coach

Is the fear of a security event happening top of mind for you and your employees?

Join Carleen Ross, Post Traumatic Growth Coach, for a look inside how stress and anxiety related to security events impact the workspace. Learn strategies on how to manage anxiety and the resources available if an event does occur including preparing for a court appearance. 

Special Guest Bios:

Kelly Ross

Is a Security Advisor for Jewellers Vigilance Canada and independent consultant. Kelly has decades of police and security experience dedicated to jewellery related crime. He owned and operated an on-line jewellery store and is a trained gemologist and rough diamond grader. He has written for law enforcement magazines on this topic and presents and teaches on the topic of gemstone/precious metals crimes to law enforcement globally.

Cst. Erin Sahl

A Regular Member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for over 10 years. Originally from Ontario, she is currently posted in “K Division” (Alberta). She is an investigator on a team which involves primarily serious crimes against persons and high-risk and/or sensitive investigations. Cst. Sahl is also an Ad Hoc Member of the K Division Interview Assistance Team which travels conducting suspect interviews on a variety of investigations including homicides, matters of National Security, serious persons and property crimes, and high risk victim and witness interviews.

“One of my main goals while investigating any file, is to lead with a victim-forward and trauma-informed response. While away from work, I have a young family who I love travelling and making memories with.”

Colin MacSween

Based in Western Canada, Colin joined 3SI in October 2020 bringing with him over 30 years of experience in physical security and security technology. 3SI has been in the security technology industry for more than 50 years and are global leaders in using technology to protect and recover assets while aiding criminal apprehension.

Simon Thomas

President of CJB Insurance Brokers Inc. and CJB General Insurance Brokers Inc., Simon Thomas is a commercial and personal lines broker with 20 years’ experience in the insurance industry. Simon is a second-generation broker and deputy principal. He has obtained the CAIB and CRM designations. Areas of expertise include Jewellers Block, Fine Art, and other high-risk commercial insurance. He is a current member of the Agent Advisory Council for Jewelers Mutual and a 24KT Club board member.

Carleen Ross

Carleen is an artist, educator, and coach. She is currently working towards her Master of Science Positive Psychology Coaching Psychology degree through the University of East London, and has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, certificates in Health and Life Coaching, HeartMath, Highly Sensitive Person Professional, and is a SPARKs Resilience Training Facilitator among many other designations; all of which support others to achieve a higher level of well-being for themselves. 

Catherine Alexander

Catherine’s career as a professional jeweller and watch specialist has spanned over 20 years – encompassing nearly every aspect of the trade, from goldsmithing and gemstone mining, to pawnbroking, aftersales and service management.

Her onward professional journey has led to her role as Business development and recoveries manager for The Watch Register – the largest international database of lost and stolen watches, offering pre-transaction due diligence checks to the trade, and watch recovery services to victims, insurers and police.


Aug 17 2023


12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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