CGA Accelerated Professional Gemmology Class

Fascinated with gemstones? Here’s a course designed specifically to help you change your interest to a career.

16 week Accelerated Professional Gemmology Class from February 06, 2023 – May 25, 2023.

Have you always been fascinated with gemstones? Do you wish to take your interest to the next level? Then this course is just for you. Become a qualified gemmologist in just 4 months. This is the most efficient option for those needing to put their training into action as soon as possible.

Gemmology is a world full of fascinating and beautiful gemstones. Through the program you learn about all the different gemstones, places and people around the world involved in mining, cutting and setting them in jewellery.

An intensive, hands-on course which will provide knowledge and the skill needed to become a gemmologist in just 4 months!

Click here to register, or for further information please contact the CGA at 647-467-2436 or 1-877-CGA-GEMM or email


Feb 06 2023 - May 25 2023
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