5 Reasons to Choose a CJA Member

1. As the voice of the Canadian jewellery industry since 1918, the Canadian Jewellers Association has not only empowered its members with invaluable resources to grow their business and foster a deeper respect for the industry, but has a become a symbol of integrity that you, as a consumer, can trust.

2. CJA members are knowledgeable experts in their field; being up-to-date on the current market trends, techniques and values means being better able to provide you with quality  products and a higher level of service.

3. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing CJA members embrace ethical business practices: warranties and service policies are clearly communicated, jewellery is described accurately and professionally, and all personal consumer information is kept in confidence.

4. All CJA members must abide by industry laws and regulations, environmental best practices and the CJA’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct, so you can feel confident about where your jewellery came from, what materials were used and how it was made.

5. All products sold by CJA members must be authentic or otherwise accurately described, and all diamonds guaranteed conflict-free, so you always know exactly what you’re purchasing.


When you’re buying something as valuable as jewellery, having the perfect retail partner can make all the difference. Find someone who can help you select the perfect gift, who appreciates the investment you are making, and who will be there when you return on another occasion–someone who is a professional CJA jewellery retailer.

When you buy from a CJA member, you can buy with confidence knowing our members fully stand behind their products and services. Our members are established businesses with vast industry knowledge and true appreciation for fine jewellery. They know how important this moment is to you and are honoured to share it with you.


Whether an heirloom from the past or a precious investment in the future, your jewellery deserves recognition and protection. A professional appraisal will ensure you understand the current value of your piece and allow you to have it insured accordingly. You can feel confident in an appraisal provided by a member of the Accredited Appraiser Program (AAP) of the CJA.

An AAP member provides you with documentation from a professional appraiser who has up-to-date education and knowledge of current valuations based on metals, gemstones and workmanship. Have your jewellery appraised today.