Membership in the CJA brings many advantages for member business. It includes networking opportunities, member benefits and discounts, business support and advice, and the chance to have your views represented at national levels through the CJA’s on-going lobbying activity.

A CJA's membership is significant and builds over time - the more you use it and its member benefits, the more you’ll get out of your membership. In many cases membership pays for itself through the discounts and other benefits available.

Reasons to become a CJA member:

Networking opportunities

The CJA organizes professional and social events to support business networking. A full program of upcoming networking opportunities can be allocated on the Events page.

Member benefits and discounts

The CJA supports members in different situations. Members enjoys special rates and discounts on a variety of services. You can see a full list of the advantages on the Membership benefits page.


Nowadays knowledgeable staff translates to happy customers and increased sales. Customers are very prepared and it is paramount your staff is ready for them! We offer special member prices on our educational opportunities. Check them out on the Education page.

Lobbying and influence

Seeking members’ opinions on business matters and representing those views at national level are fundamental functions of the CJA, as well as aiding with policy development on key issues affecting the jewellery and watch industry. See our government relations page.

Make your business stronger with the CJA!

Member-exclusive discounts and special rates on all education programs!

Become a member


Since 1918, we have provided a single source for information on this vibrant and diverse industry to consumers, government, media and businesses. 

The CJA is the national trade association for the Canadian jewellery industry, comprised  of retailers, suppliers, appraisers, designers and providers of goods and services.



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