Considering a Career in Jewellery?


Jewellery has a long way to go from the unearthed raw materials found in all corners of the world, to the refined treasured objects found in a jewellery box.

Each step of the way is a different career opportunity to appeal to a variety of interests and skill sets. From manufacturers to designers, retailers to appraisers, there are boundless career pathways for anyone who is passionate about this multifaceted industry.

With a mandate to foster a healthy and growing support network, the Canadian Jewellery Association takes an active role in the development of qualified personnel for all aspects of the jewellery business. To further this goal, the CJA has developed several educational programs to assist interested parties in developing the knowledge and skills that are vital to a successful career in this luxury industry.

Next Steps

Our jewellery courses are available to everyone—you do not have to be a member of the CJA to enrol. In fact, many students take our classes as preparation for a career in the industry. At the same time, these premier courses are suitable for established jewellery professionals as well, to ensure their expertise remains comprehensive and current. Our courses are endorsed by many reputable employers, who can feel confident knowing their employees are well-versed in their respective fields.

Our course fees are reasonable, and group rates are available.  In addition, CJA members receive a discount on all of our programs.

“In September, when I look out over a class of new jewellery and gemology students, I see a jewellery industry career for each and every one (of them) in fine jewellery, fashion jewellery, craft jewellery or gemology; manufacturing, wholesale or retail; bench work, appraisal, design work or management; employment or entrepreneurship. This remarkable diversity is the industry’s strength as a career choice. I joined the industry 40 years ago, and I am still engaged and inspired!”

–Martha Glenny, BFA

Professor, George Brown College

“The jewellery industry provides many varied career paths and employment opportunities. Creative, hands-on individuals might prefer designing and making original pieces, while other rewarding career choices include retail jewellery sales, gemmology identification and grading, equipment and tool sales, precious metals refining, as well as insurance and security. The jewellery business is a very comprehensive, complex industry. There is a place for anyone who has an interest and passion for jewellery.”

–Greg Merrall

Coordinator, Jewellery and Metals Programmes, Georgian College