When you’re planning to purchase a piece of fine jewellery for someone you love, you’re also planning for a special occasion. It’s a celebration, and the piece you give becomes a mark of life’s most treasured moments.

You want to enjoy every step, from planning the occasion, to shopping for just the right item, to making the presentation, and finally, relishing the surprise and glee of the recipient.

While engagements, weddings and anniversaries are typically synonymous with the gift of fine jewellery, birthdays, graduations and job promotions are also events deserving of the recognition only jewellery can offer.

Watches, gemstones, charms–finding the right symbol of the occasion is all part of the joy in the experience.

Traditional birthstones and gemstones to mark each wedding anniversary are popular and thoughtful ways to celebrate a milestone. Your CJA jewellers have insight into local customs and plenty of trendy and timeless jewellery options.