Screening and Detection Portable Instruments for Lab-Grown Diamonds

Please contact the office at to obtain your DISCOUNT CODE to use here

Please contact the office at to obtain your DISCOUNT CODE to use here

Gemmological Research Industries Inc. (GRI) is a consulting company in service to all segments of the Jewelry industry through testing, research, consulting, practical workshops, instrumentation webinars, conferences, and training. Headed by renowned research gemologist Branko Deljanin, the aim of GRI is to set a new standard in service and knowledge transfer to the diamond and gem industry.

Branko DeljaninB.Sc. FGA, GG, DGA is President and Head Gemologist at “CGL Canadian gemlab” and Director of “Gemmological Research Industries” (Canada). He is considered top international expert on natural, treated and synthetic diamonds. He issued first Grading Certificates for Synthetic Diamond (Russian) in New York in 2000 and co-created terminology “Laboratory Created” in 1st book in 2005 and "Laboratory Grown" in 2007 edition and co-writing 3rd edition in 2020. Branko is instructor of “Advanced Gemology” programs on offered in 17 countries and via Practical Webinars and co-founder of annual Mediterranean Gem and Jewellery Conferences. He could be reached at


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