On November 15, 1884, the Jewellers Security Alliance of Canada—the forerunner of the Canadian Jewellers Association (CJA)—was founded in Toronto. Due to risks in the business at that time, its primary purpose was to help jewellers strengthen their security methods and generally discourage jewellery store theft.

In addition, the alliance was focused on building: a more professional industry to serve customers; a better working relationship among all members of the jewellery industry; and better relationships with their partners in government.

On September 25, 1918, the Canadian National Jewellers Association gathered for its first official meeting and began its mission to support the jewellery trade in its many relationships and business functions. In many ways, the CNJA was a natural expansion of the Jewellers Security Alliance of Canada, and it shared many of the same key objectives.

In 1921, the CJA published its first Code of Ethics for members, illustrating the commitment of the industry to the highest quality of professional service for its customers, and in 1922 it changed its name to the Canadian Jewellers Association (CJA).

In 2017, the CJA expanded its role again, when Jewellers Vigilance Canada (JVC) combined with the Canadian Jewellers Association under the CJA umbrella.

In 2018, the Canadian Jewellers Association celebrated its 100th anniversary!

The CJA Today

Today, CJA members continue to endorse a Code of Ethics and to maintain their commitment to a professional jewellery industry serving the Canadian customer.

The CJA programs focus on supporting all sectors within the industry, with initiatives in education, government and industry relations, safety and security, member benefits and industry communications.

The CJA’s success lies in being “the voice of the jewellery industry” for consumers, government, business and media.


Since 1918, we have provided a single source for information on this vibrant and diverse industry to consumers, government, media and businesses. 

The CJA is the national trade association for the Canadian jewellery industry, comprised  of retailers, suppliers, appraisers, designers and providers of goods and services.



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