Crime Prevention Program (CPP)

JVC recognizes crime is growing in Canada, specifically targeting luxury products, like jewellery, among the over 4000 jewellery retailers and the 1200 suppliers. In response to this alarming growth rate, JVC's mandate was expanded to include crime prevention, resource protection and safety awareness. 

As an arm of the CJA,  we provide educational support as well as information pertaining to crime involving the jewellery and watch industry to our members.  As part of our on-going support of the industry's needs, we work closely with all levels of law enforcement across Canada. Our crime prevention package builds on these relationships to assist law enforcement while providing the most useful information and education possible to our industry.

The JVC Crime Prevention Program (CPP) has 1000+ subscribers in Canada. CPP subscribers receive: 

  1. Access to a database on criminal activity within the jewellery industry
  2. Crime Prevention Manual
  3. Wanted Bulletins on dangerous jewellery criminals
  4. Crime Prevention Bulletins on effective security procedures

For more information visit the JVC website

If you're a Jewelers Mutual client, you get the CPP for FREE!

If you're a CJA member, you get the CPP for $50 instead of $105!




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